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The objects of the Council shall be:-

(a) to secure recognition for the Council by the Government of Zimbabwe as being a national co-ordinating body representing all aspects of the horticultural export industry in Zimbabwe and to secure recognition as a producer association and as a levying authority in its own right with authority to administer the imposition and collection of levies for all different forms of horticultural produce that is exported;

(b) to group together, promote and represent the interests of all producers of horticultural produce and to liaise with all processors, exporters, traders, shippers of such produce and with all other businesses involved in the horticultural industry in Zimbabwe that the Council may recognise from time to time;

(c) to liaise with the Government of Zimbabwe and to formulate or participate in the formulation of national policies, objectives and standards pertaining to the production and marketing of all forms of horticultural produce within Zimbabwe and abroad;

(d) to promote the increase of quantity and diversity and the improvement of quality in the production of all forms of horticultural produce within Zimbabwe and to improve the packaging, processing, distribution, sale and export of such produce;

(e) to assist producers to secure suitable seed, seedlings, clones, cultivars and plants and to acquire all irrigation and mechanical requisites, fertilisers, pesticides and finance necessary for the growing and harvesting of horticultural products and to assist those involved in the packaging and processing of horticultural produce to acquire all the plant, machinery, finance and materials necessary for them to carry out those functions in a manner best suited for the export of such produce;

(f) to co-ordinate market research and the systematic collection, analysis and dissemination of market information;

(g) to identify and select appropriate targets for marketing Zimbabwe’s horticultural produce and to encourage the production of crops relative to selected target markets;

(h) to promote horticultural produce from Zimbabwe under a national banner or brand name;

(I) to determine and institute minimum standards for quality control and packaging;

(j) to encourage and advise small scale producers and newcomers to the industry to enable them to establish, improve and expand their businesses as producers or traders in the horticultural export industry by the use of improved technologies and business methods;

(k) to provide appropriate technical, financial and managerial advice to growers, processors, packers and exporters of horticultural produce;

(l) to secure, at the most favourable prices and on the most favourable conditions, adequate quantities and supplies of all inputs required by all members participating in the horticultural industry in Zimbabwe;

(m) to advise and improve packaging and processing equipment and transport links for the distribution and export of horticultural produce;

(n) to provide advisory services to all persons involved in the horticultural industry in Zimbabwe with a view to helping all members to improve their businesses;

(o) to carry on any business itself which will benefit the horticultural industry as a whole or any sector thereof;

(p) generally to promote every aspect of the horticultural industry in Zimbabwe.

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