Special Events

(1)    The members of the Council shall meet in general meeting at least once a year for the purposes of an Annual General Meeting to be held not later than 31st July in each year.

(2)    The members of the Council may also hold Special General Meetings on an ad hoc basis at any time and such meetings shall be held whenever convened by the Executive Committee, by requisition of not less than one third of the members or by requisition of the Trustees.

(3)    Every full member of the Council shall have one vote at any general meeting of the Council but the Council, in general meeting, may devise the implement schemes to grant additional votes to members according to such criteria as the Council may determine:

    Provided that:-

(i)    when considering levies to be paid by Producer members, only those members who have paid levies for the particular type of  horticultural produce under consideration shall be entitled to vote on the levies to be paid in respect of the type of produce;
(ii)    no member whose subscriptions or levies are more than 60 days in arrears shall be entitled to vote unless the Chairman otherwise rules for good and sufficient reasons.

    (4)    Corporate members of the Council may each be represented at any     general meeting of the Council by two (2) persons authorised by the     organisation which is a member of the Council to attend such meetings     as the delegates of such members and the authority of such delegates     shall be committed to writing and handed to the Chairman at or before     the meeting.

(5)    Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be given to all members not less than twenty-one (21) days before the meeting and notice of any Special General Meeting shall be given no less than fourteen (14) days before such meeting.  Notices of all general meetings shall also be published in the Press or through the media of television or radio particularly for the benefit of Associate members who  shall not  be entitled to individual notices of general meetings.  This notice shall in each case specify the business that is to be transacted at the meeting and no other business shall be conducted at the meeting unless notice thereof has been given or more than half of the members of the Council are present at a meeting and authorise the inclusion of any further business on the agenda  for the meeting.

(6)    The quorum for any meeting of the Council shall be one quarter of the members of the Council or twenty-five (25) persons, whichever is the lesser.  If a quorum is not present at any property convened meeting, then:-

    (a)    In the case of an Annual General Meeting, the meeting shall     stand adjourned to the same venue at the same time one week     later and the persons attending that adjourned meeting shall     constitute a quorum; and

    (b)    in the case of a Special General Meeting, the meeting shall be     abandoned unless and until it is properly reconvened.

(7)    Any member who is unable, for any reason, to attend a general meeting of the Council may be represented at that meeting by a proxy appointed by him in writing in such form as the Chairman may accept and any member so attending the meeting may be counted as forming part of the quorum.

    Provided that:-

        (a)    all proxies shall be handed to the Chairman not less than one hour before the meeting is set to begin; and

        (b)    no person may hold more than four proxies; and

        (c)    a quorum shall not be deemed to be present if its presence depends on the proxies of more than ten persons.

    (8)    The Executive Committee may extend invitations to attend general meetings of the Council to any other persons and organisations whose businesses are related to the horticultural industry and the Chairman may invite or permit such persons to address members on matters pertaining to their involvement in the horticultural industry but such invitees shall have no right to address the meeting and no vote.

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