Export Flowers Growers Association of Zimbabwe (EFGAZ)

The association is mainly concerned with the production and marketing of cut flowers to international markets. The major export market for Zimbabwe’s cut flowers is the European Union with 80 percent of exports destined for sale on the auction floors in the Netherlands. Flowers are the pioneering product of the horticultural export in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe rose in stature becoming a valuable exporter of cut flowers. By 2001, it ranked as the second largest in Africa, behind Kenya, second amongst African, Caribbean and Pacific exporters, and was the fifth biggest exporter to the European Union. Floriculture accounts for at least seventy percent of the total value of horticultural exports and 30 per cent by volume. Currently this amounts to 14 500 tonnes. Most exports, spanning a season from mid-September to late May, are channelled to the Dutch auctions. The UK, France, and South Africa have also become important destinations. The Far East and Australia have been targeted as potential markets.

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