Fresh Produce Producers Association (FPPA)

The association, which is also an instrument of HPC promotes, develops and improves the production and marketing of all forms of fresh produce in Zimbabwe. It advances and protects the interests of producers of fresh produce in any way that may be desirable to the association. Fresh produce involves all forms of fruit and vegetables whose sustainability for consumption without refrigeration does not normally exceed one week. Zimbabwe’s exports of fresh produce into international markets currently stands at 5 000 tonnes, a third of the 1999/98 crop peak. Sixty per cent of the crop is destined for the UK. This sector offers tremendous opportunities for quick recovery as barriers to entry for the new settler farmers are quite minimal in comparison to other horticultural enterprises. Most productive farmers realise two to three crops from the same piece of land. Hence fresh produce growing offers a quick cash turnaround and has the greatest potential to grow in the short and medium term.

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